Why So Many in Pre-Paid Legal Are Failing

Are You One Of The Failures In Pre Paid Legal?

First, Pre Paid Legal and what or who they are? Then we will dive right into why most people are failing with Pre Paid Legal. Pre paid legal has exceptional ideas for the product they offer. Monthly fees with legal advise on demand from a lawyer… Also with the back end MLM of selling these services to others. This brought them into the industry of MLM. $20-$30 dollars a month. So not expensive for the service they provide. Considering what attorneys normally charge. The basic idea is that you have an attorney on retainer by just a phone call. They offer many different service from Tax advice, all the way to trial defense attorney or a simple consultation. They have been around in the industry for many years. Spite the complications, and complaints. All types of complaints all across the board. “They don’t have enough coverage without paying extra”, to “This is just a total scam”.

Recently, there have been having many complaints. So much so the FTC is looking into the situation. Question here is? If there product is so great and so needed in this country, why are so many people failing with this company borrar datos internet?

Pre paid legal is a publicly traded company. So that being said they are required to release and report quarterly data. Which makes it know to the public. There were some very disturbing and literally draining facts reported in the 3rd Quarter of 2009. Roughly 85% of Pre Paid Legal’s sales force either quits or fails without ever making a single sale, and those are the facts. Not One? There is also a slim margin making up 2% of the company that only make about 10 sales per year. This doesn’t sound good for any company in today’s marketplace.

Their sales force still exists? Not only does it still exist and is very populated, It is still well over a million people and many of them raking in the money. Almost demanded? So here is the opposing question? Why doesn’t everyone make money if there are some many making heaps of money? Actually that’s a real simple concept once you understand a little about network marketing.

Why Doesn’t Everyone In Pre Paid Legal Make Money?

First I will also say they are great company just teaching some of the wrong techniques. Now! It is all in their strategy and the platform that they use. Their primary marketing strategy is a proven way to make money in this industry. But it is a little ‘old school’ if you get what I’m saying. They use the same strategy as many have when they first began in the network marketing industry. That is to make a list of all your friends and family and pitch them your product. As many people have figured out either by hard knocks or by being taught the right principles. Your friends and family truly don’t need or want to join this thing your selling. You are taught being in Pre Paid Legal that’s what works best.They are by no means alone in doing that either. As well as the product or service on the front end. You can also become a sales rep and earn commissions on people you sponsor into the company.

This can still work well just as it always has and has been proven to time and time again. This way to make money can be truly mind boggling and difficult for the average person. Simply put not everyone can do this. This is based on your influence and what they call your warm market. From person to person this can be dramatically different. Some people have none of this. There lies the problem.

Honestly speaking this doesn’t mean you can’t make money in Pre Paid Legal. This is simply put as some people have a large warm market or circle of influence and some have none. So what do you do if you have just joined Pre Paid Legal and marketing like this quickly comes to an end for you? This means you must find a different marketing strategy. The most innovative and new techniques you will find will be the best marketing strategy you can find. Attracting people to you and your company is what your in dire need of. This is called attraction marketing. You brand yourself and market yourself as a leader in your own right. What you have or have learned becomes an asset to others in achieving their own success. In order to succeed you will need a system in place that does this for you. This starts to attract 50-100 leads a day on almost auto-pilot.

These people are attracted to you as a person. They sign up to learn success from you. Are you wondering well how do i do this? People then begin to sign up as seekers to how or what you know about achieving success. Learning list creation and lead generation is how you begin to never run out of people to offer your product, service, or opportunity too. This asset becomes invaluable to you and your company and to others.

Bringing success and prosperity into your life is what your company needs the most. You can be in any MLM opportunity or Pre paid legal. By knowing these strategies and using them in your business will increase traffic and freedom on top of true wealth

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